Warranty and manufacturing

Warranty and manufacturing info

Here is some information that you, as a customer, need to know: How a solid wood kitchen changes, what you can expect from your kitchen, and how our 5-year guarantee works.

A Shaker kitchen is not for everyone

Solid wood is a beautiful natural material! It is free of hazardous chemicals and gets more beautiful with age. Wear and tear which occurs over the years is easy to repair.

When choosing a kitchen in solid wood, you need to be aware that unlike chipboard, melamine etc, it is a living material. Wood moves a little with the seasons. Therefore, if you are looking for a kitchen with absolute precision, then maybe a solid wood kitchen is not for you.

A solid wood kitchen is simply not everyone’s cup of tea. It needs TLC! Give it that and you will be rewarded with a long-lasting kitchen that ages with dignity. Perhaps your kitchen will feature on The Antiques Road Show in 100 years?

5 year warranty

Our kitchen has been developed and designed by Rikard Jakobsson whose company Möllans Verkstäder has been producing kitchens since the early 2000s. The basic construction technology is much older than that of course. On the whole, we use the same technology as cabinet makers, including the Shakers, have been using for hundreds of years. It is a well proven technique.

Newly produced pine is very sensitive to knocks and bumps. It’s very soft but hardens gradually as the years go by. Small marks and scratches less than 10 mm are not grounds for complaint. You will be provided with a tin of paint that you can use to fill in small marks.

The wood is affected by external conditions such as moisture and dry air, so try to maintain even levels of humidity in the room. If the house is newly built or major renovation has taken place, the humidity levels need be restored before the kitchen is fitted. Do not leave the cabinets outdoors or, for example, in a room where new concrete is drying.

If something happens to the kitchen despite the fact that the customer has followed this advice and not been negligent in other ways, then Skandinavian Shakerkök AB guarantees to restore the kitchen to full condition during the five year warranty period. This warranty does not apply to wear such as scratches, marks made by knocks, etc.

Manufacturing Specification

The frames are made of solid pine which is almost knot-free. Pine shelves, mounted on runners. The frames are painted on the outside – all visible surfaces are painted, hidden surfaces are not painted – and oiled with linseed oil on the inside.

Our kitchens are painted by hand with linseed oil, which hardens gradually – it will take a couple of months before it has the desired surface and sheen. Meanwhile, the surface might appear to be slightly uneven in a certain light.

The doors and drawer fronts are built in solid knot-free pine, the panels are built in pine plywood. They are painted on all sides.

The drawers are built in solid pine and mounted on fully extendable, soft-closing runners (BLUM MOVENTO).

Dreaming of a new kitchen?

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