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How to order your kitchen

Buying kitchens is often a long process. There is a lot to think about, and many details to consider. See below for a short description of the ordering process – from idea to finished kitchen.

1. Measure and sketch

Start by measuring the room where you want your kitchen to be mounted. Also measure windows and doors and their location. If you are unsure – use a laser meter or enlist the help of a craftsman. Then draw your kitchen using our drawing program here on our website.

2. What will it cost?

With the help of the drawing program, a first drawing is produced. You now get an approximate price for what your new kitchen will cost. (A normal-sized kitchen usually costs around EUR 15’000, excluding worktops and appliances.)

3. Add details

Together we improve your kitchen drawing. We go through the details together and double check that everything is correct. We coordinate via email, phone, or a physical meeting in our showroom in Malmö. When everything is ready, you will receive a final quote.

4. The carpenter gets to work

Your kitchen is now manufactured at the carpentry shop in Lithuania. The wood material is refined – sawn, glued and planed – and then assembled. Then paint everything by hand with linseed oil paint. After 8-12 weeks, your kitchen is ready for delivery. We offer the transport of your kitchen. Deliveries outside Sweden will cost about 400 – 800 EURO.
If you ordered wooden worktops, they are delivered together with the kitchen. Other accessories – white goods, mixers and more – are delivered separately.

Light gray Scandinavian Shaker Kitchen

5. Installation

The kitchen is installed, either by yourself, or by skilled craftsmen (the kitchen cabinets are delivered assembled, with doors and drawers in place). We provide two information films and a written assembly instruction. We are also available for questions and advice.

Gray Scandinavian Shaker Kitchen Showroom

6. Done!

Done! You can now enjoy your kitchen and experience how it ages in a beautiful way over time. You can safely leave it to future generations. We provide a 5 year warranty on the entire kitchen, in case something unforeseen should happen.

A short movie that explains how to order

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