Contemporary kitchen

Contemporary Kitchen


This kitchen is made for those of us who love the shaker philosophy of honesty, function and simplicity, but want a more modern look. Just like our other kitchens, this kitchen is made of only natural materials such as solid wood and linseed oil. When we designed Contemporary kitchens, we thought about us living in houses from about the same time period as Contemporary art. Designed to be durable and with both functionality and style in mind. The cabinets are made of solid pine in the frames and solid oak fronts. To it; an internal plinth, smooth doors and accompanying cornice. Together with the warmth and beauty of golden brown, oiled oak, it becomes a harmonious combination. Give it some love with linseed oil varnish if needed and it will last for generations. The kitchen gives you the opportunity to choose what you want in a modern kitchen, such as wooden cabinets for the installation of a dishwasher, fridge and freezer, stove and more. There is also a large selection of drawer inserts, cutlery inserts, spice holders and knife blocks. As usual, everything is made by our skilled craftsmen, ensuring that every detail is perfectly crafted.


Can we tempt you with a modern designed wooden kitchen in beautiful, golden brown oak? Appearance must be appealing when it comes to kitchens, but durability and functionality are just as important.

The kitchen is the most important room in the home. It’s where you land after a long day at work. It is in the kitchen that you cook together with family and friends. Here you spend many hours. Planning a kitchen requires thought. Quality is A and O. We believe that real wood and good kitchen design are a prerequisite for your kitchen to feel harmonious and last a long time. A modern wooden kitchen meets these requirements.

The contemporary door

The contemporary kitchen doors are built in solid oak and are oiled with linseed oil. The hinges are not visible when the door is closed, they are inside the cabinets and give a modern, seamless impression.

The nuances and structure of the oak are therefore maintained and show the good craftsmanship behind it. It is not something that can be experienced when buying a kitchen made of veneer.

The oil protects the oak and if you give the kitchen love in the form of linseed oil varnish when needed, it will last for generations.

The contemporary socle

The plinth for our Contemporary kitchens is straight and inset.

Linseed oil

We oil our contemporary kitchens with linseed oil. The oil we use protects the kitchen against dirt and grease and is manufactured by SELDER & CO.

Linseed oil is sensitive to basic substances. Therefore, cleaning agents with a pH above 7 should be avoided (for example, soap should be avoided). Acids are OK, but not basic/alkaline substances as they dissolve the linseed oil.

The cabinets are relatively shiny when they are freshly oiled, and then dull down during the first few months. Then you may need to add oil for increased protection, so your kitchen will last longer.


We build our kitchens in solid wood. For our contemporary kitchens, we use solid oak in the fronts and doors, and knotless pine in the frames. It is an incomparably beautiful material that lasts for generations.

Solid wood is a good deal  calculated over its lifespan, for both you and the environment. So if you want a real wooden kitchen, we have the kitchen for you.


Integrated appliances? Sure! It is possible to integrate your appliances with our cabinets. The dishwasher is by far the most common to integrate. From us you can buy a front that consists of a frame and a door. The door you attach to the dishwasher’s own door.
It is also common for our customers to want to integrate a fridge and freezer if they do not want them to be independent. Either you can choose a cabinet where you set up your fridge and freezer, but where the appliance’s own door is visible. Or you can choose to integrate the door as well, if you buy a fridge and freezer with the possibility of this.
There are two different ways to mount a cabinet door on a fridge and freezer, with sliding rails or “door-on-door”.
The second option is more stable as the doors are mounted directly against each other.
There are also cabinets to integrate the oven and microwave, but for these two appliances, the appliance’s own front becomes visible.


All our sink cabinets include stainless steel sorting containers. The number of containers varies depending on the size of sink cabinet you choose. The source sorting is made of stainless steel in a solid wooden box on pull-out rails. This makes it both practical, simple and attractive to sort garbage.


The drawers in our modern wooden kitchens are mounted on rails from world-leading Blum. They can be pulled out the entire length of the drawer, and they are soft-closing. It is possible to get pull-out drawers inside the cupboard doors, so that you can easily access everything in the cupboards. And our corner cabinets have modern pull-out shelves. Our drawers are also available with cutlery inserts.


Our kitchens are based on a modular system with great variety. If the modules are still not enough and special adaptations are needed, we will fix that too.

Are you ready to start planning your dream kitchen?

Here you find our planning tool: