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Scandinavian Shaker Kitchen is run by Johan Daun and Gina Mannberg in Malmö. Our kitchens are designed and constructed by Rikard Jakobsson, who has been building hand-built wooden kitchens since the beginning of the 2000s. JOHAN is the company’s CEO, and has a past as marketing manager in the pharmaceutical industry, and in his spare time has also built and renovated a number of houses and homes. GINA is a photographer and an expert in visual communication. She has a past as a web designer and photographs the majority of all our imagery for website, brochure and our social media.

We're tired of materials that doesn't last.

We like the smell of wood, and all that it symbolizes. And we are tired of chipboard and laminate, and other short-term solutions. With Scandinavian Shaker Kitchen, we think long-term and sustainably. We build high-quality kitchens, made of solid wood, by hand. It is a kitchen that lasts and that only gets more beautiful with the years.


If you want to visit us in Malmö, make a first draft in our kitchen planner and then email boka@skandinaviskashakerkok.se with a suggested date and time (weekdays, daytime)

Visit of our retailers:

Strängnäs:  hansforsman.se/kok   kok@hansforsman.se

Oslo: Upcoming

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Mail to GINA@SKANDINAVISKASHAKERKOK.SE, and we will send the formats you want, for web or print.

We believe that most people think that the kitchen is the heart of their home. A place for family and friends to get together, cook, eat and socialize. Young as old. When you plan your kitchen with us, it is to last. Our customers do not install a kitchen from us, considering that it will be replaced within a year or so, as a temporary solution. We stand for long-term and sustainability, and therefore only work with quality materials. Real wood simply. We hope you find your dream kitchen here!
Johan Daun Scandinavian Shaker Kitchen
Johan Daun