What is a Shaker Kitchen



The end is near! But not before we design the perfect kitchen.

Shaker philosophy was to build heaven on Earth. They were a deeply religious group with two convictions: that the end was close and that, until then, it was important to live an organised life.

Honesty. Functionality. Simplicity.

The Shakers built their own houses and furniture, as well as refining woodworking tools such as the circular saw. They became renowned as highly skilled craftsmen..

The Shakers’ philosophy revolved around these three concepts: Honesty. Functionality. Simplicity.

When they built furniture, they avoided unnecessary decoration. The focus was on shapes and proportions, often with creative solutions that gave an extra function.

Out of this, a unique and beautiful style was born. Classic, ascetic, beautiful.

The Shaker movement is now almost extinct, but their aesthetics remain. It played a part in the rise the Funkis style in the 30’s, and has influenced many furniture designers over the years.

The colour scheme

The colour scheme in a Shaker kitchen is derived from their love of nature. The Shakers blended their colours using various types of clay, inspiring today’s colour palettes.
Scandinavian Shaker Kitchen’s has six base colours in the range. See them HERE.

Solid wood

The Shakers had a passion for wood but, while other carpenters imported exotic woods, the Shakers chose to use local wood, such as maple, cedar, chestnut, birch and oak.

Using this same philosophy, we build OUR KITCHENS in pine, the material that Scandinavian carpenters have been using for centuries.

Does a Shaker kitchen suit your home?

The lack of specific details – everything is stripped and clean – gives it a timeless style. In England, where Shake kitchens are common, they often have a rural look – rustic and sturdy – but our Scandinavian version is neater and more contemporary.

A Shaker Kitchen can be combined with classic attributes, such as tongue and groove panelling, or more modern materials such as stone floors and countertops.

Therefore, a Shaker kitchen suits most homes. Not only is it beautiful, but you will also have a fascinating story to entertain your guests with.

Characteristics of Shaker kitchens

Shaker door

The typical Shaker door consists of five parts: Four sections in the frame and a panel in the middle.

The edges are completely straight. This is how the Shakers have built their cabinet doors since the mid 1800’s.

Gray Scandinavian Shaker Kitchen Showroom

Fronts aligned with the frame

Doors and drawer fronts are inset – they are aligned with the body. There is a space between the doors, which gives the impression of classic beauty.

Our Shaker kitchens, like the Shaker style in general, lack unnecessary frills. They are beautifully stylish in their simplicity. (The Shakers themselves felt that ornaments were unnecessary, and even sinful.)

Light gray Scandinavian Shaker Kitchen

Open shelves and staple hinges

Typical Shaker kitchens often have open shelving which gives a more airy impression. This style works well to complement or replace high wall cabinets.

Another important detail in our kitchens is the hinges, which are based on the classic Swedish design – staple hinges in untreated steel with a conical knob painted in the same colour as the woodwork.

Dark blue Scandinavian Shaker Kitchen