Shaker Kitchen


We mean that a shaker kitchen from Skandinaviska Shakerkök is a real shaker kitchen. By real we mean that we use solid wood, build the kitchens by hand and hand paint them with linseed oil paint. Compare that to many other players who want to imitate the shaker aesthetic and therefore call their kitchens “shaker kitchens” but use chipboard, veneer, mdf and laminate. Regardless of the Shaker philosophy of honesty and natural materials such as solid wood and linseed oil paint.

The Shaker style’s lack of ornate details, where everything is stripped down and clean, makes it a timeless style.

In England, where shaker kitchens are common, they often have a country look, rustic and substantial, while our Scandinavian shaker kitchens are neater and not tied to an older style.

A shaker kitchen can be mixed up with classic attributes, for example a wall clad in beadboard, or more modern materials such as stainless steel sinks or a modern kitchen faucet and maybe even stone worktops and floors.

Therefore, a shaker kitchen is right in most homes. Not only because it is beautiful, there is also a fascinating story to tell during dinners.



The Shakers built their own houses and furniture, as well as refining woodworking tools such as the circular saw. They became renowned as highly skilled craftsmen..

The Shakers’ philosophy revolved around these three concepts: Honesty. Functionality. Simplicity.

When they built furniture, they avoided unnecessary decoration. The focus was on shapes and proportions, often with creative solutions that gave an extra function.

Out of this, a unique and beautiful style was born. Classic, ascetic, beautiful.

The Shaker movement is now almost extinct, but their aesthetics remain. It played a part in the rise the Funkis style in the 30’s, and has influenced many furniture designers over the years.

Gray Scandinavian Shaker Kitchen Showroom

The shaker door

The typical shaker door consists of five parts: Four parts for the frame and a “mirror” in the middle.

The shaker door is without profiling – the edges are completely straight. In the same way, the shaker carpenters have been building doors since the middle of the 19th century.

The kitchen doors are built in solid ash, with a birch plywood mirror and are hand painted with linseed oil paint. Therefore, it is possible to sense beautiful brushstrokes that gossip about the good craftsmanship that lies behind.

The shaker socle

The Shaker kitchen has an incredibly characteristic socle. The kitchen actually stand on their socles. If you want an external socle instead, you can choose this in the final stage of your order.

Linseed oil paint

We paint our kitchens by hand with linseed oil paint. The linseed oil paint we use has a semi-gloss surface that is easy to keep clean. We use linseed oil paint, manufactured by SELDER & CO. Linseed oil paint is sensitive to basic substances. Therefore, cleaning agents with a pH above 7 should be avoided (for example, soap should be avoided). Acids are OK, but not basic/alkaline substances as they dissolve the linseed oil. The color is relatively glossy when it is newly painted, and then dulls down during the first months. The color scale in shaker kitchens is taken from the shaker movement’s love for nature. The Shaker followers made their colors from different clays, which inspired today’s color palettes. We have selected nine base colors that all go well with the shaker aesthetic. You can see them here below. You can also choose your own color for a small extra cost (for transport and handling).

Twig-free ASH AND PINE

We build our kitchens in solid wood. We use solid ash in the fronts and doors, and knot-free pine in the frames. It is an incomparably beautiful material that lasts for generations.
Solid wood is a good deal calculated over its lifespan, for both you and the environment. So if you want a real wooden kitchen, we have the kitchen for you.

Light gray Scandinavian Shaker Kitchen

Simple and beautiful

Perhaps the most characteristic feature of a shaker kitchen is that the doors and drawer fronts are recessed – they are flush with the frame. There is therefore a distance between the shutters, which contributes to a tight and beautiful impression. Our shaker kitchens, like the shaker style in general, lack frills. It is stylish and stripped down.

Dark blue Scandinavian Shaker Kitchen

Embrace the shaker style

The design of our kitchens is taken from two directions: partly from aesthetics that the Shakers created a couple of hundred years ago, partly from Scandinavian design tradition. The Shaker style is in the details, kitchen design at its best! Typical for shaker kitchens are open shelves, as a complement, or replacement, for tall wall cabinets. It gives a more airy impression. Another important detail in our kitchens are the hinges, which are of the classic Swedish model – staple hinges in untreated steel with a cone-shaped knob – which are painted in the same color as the joinery.


Integrated appliances? Sure! It is possible to integrate your appliances with our cabinets. The dishwasher is by far the most common to integrate. From us you can buy a front that consists of a frame and a door. The door you attach to the dishwasher’s own door.
It is also common for our customers to want to integrate a fridge and freezer if they do not want them to be independent. Either you can choose a cabinet where you set up your fridge and freezer, but where the appliance’s own door is visible. Or you can choose to integrate the door as well, if you buy a fridge and freezer with the possibility of this.
There are two different ways to mount a cabinet door on a fridge and freezer, with sliding rails or “door-on-door”.
The second option is more stable as the doors are mounted directly against each other.
There are also cabinets to integrate the oven and microwave, but for these two appliances, the appliance’s own front becomes visible.


All our sink cabinets include stainless steel sorting containers. The number of containers varies depending on the size of sink cabinet you choose. The source sorting is made of stainless steel in a solid wooden box on pull-out rails. This makes it both practical, simple and attractive to sort garbage.


The drawers in our modern wooden kitchens are mounted on rails from world-leading Blum. They can be pulled out the entire length of the drawer, and they are soft-closing. It is possible to get pull-out drawers inside the cupboard doors, so that you can easily access everything in the cupboards. And our corner cabinets have modern pull-out shelves. Our drawers are also available with cutlery inserts.


Our kitchens are based on a modular system with great variety. If the modules are still not enough and special adaptations are needed, we will fix that too.

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