Appliances for every kitchen

Appliances for every kitchen

A kitchen is not a kitchen without appliances. You can chop, season and mix things, but much of the magic of cooking is done with the help of white goods. And of course they are needed for the storage of the ingredients.

Still, many kitchen buyers leave the appliances until the last minute when planning a new kitchen. It’s a bit of a shame, says Kristina Bååth, Sales Manager and Kitchen Specialist SMEG, Sweden. Here she tells why;

– I usually recommend that you look at your white goods needs and wishes already at the beginning of the kitchen planning so that you get a good picture of the costs and can fit them into the budget. This is especially true for those who are interested in cooking – otherwise there is a risk that you stand there at the end and can not afford the white goods you want.

Buying appliances is expensive, especially if you are going to buy everything new. Is there a good way to prioritize?

– Think about what you think is most important – do you use the oven a lot or do you fry most things? Maybe you want a stove that is 90 cm wide instead of 60 cm? If there are many of you in the family, an extra large fridge and freezer may be required. Go through all the parts and think through your needs.

What appliances are a must in a modern kitchen?

– Refrigerator and freezer, separately or in combination, is of course a must. Then the oven, stove, microwave, fan and dishwasher are included as basic appliances. In addition, there are a plethora of other devices for those who like technology.


What are the trends when it comes to white goods?

– A while ago, you saw a lot of ovens at working height. Today, many prioritize a larger workspace instead. It is also becoming more popular with combi ovens – integrated oven and microwave. A wise investment is to get a regular oven and a combi oven, this way you have access to two ovens at parties and larger events.

– Another trend is that you increasingly want to “cook like the chefs”. Then you should have access to a vacuum box, steam oven and blast chiller.

Appliances for the kitchen can be quite advanced. How necessary is all technology really?

– Of course, it varies from person to person, but what we see today is that many are willing to put in an extra penny to get really good appliances. If you are interested in technology, it can be great fun with a kitchen that is high-tech. But cooking once a week can feel unnecessary.

– It is needs and interests that should govern. If you cook most of the food in the oven, for example, it can be a good idea to invest in a more technical oven with self-cleaning to make everyday life easier.


Which colors are most popular?

Stainless steel is the most popular, but we also see that anthracite (almost black) is on the rise. It also comes with details in a different color or material, such as copper or brass.

To avoid handprints on stainless steel appliances, most are sold today with “antifingerprint”, a colorless varnish that has been applied on top. But even without an “anti-fingerprint”, the surface is easy to keep clean with a microfiber cloth and a little warm water.

Stove – should you choose gas or induction?

– Some people love to cook with a visible flame, it gives a restaurant feeling and feels creative. However, there are many who opt out of it because they are a little afraid of gas leaks and instead get an induction hob, which is what we sell most of.


Do you need to replace all your pots and pans if you buy an induction hob?

– It depends on. Those with a magnetic base do not need to be replaced. You can easily test this by seeing if a refrigerator magnet attaches to the underside or not. This is a good tip if you want to buy pots at a flea market: just bring a magnet and examine them on the spot. Cast iron is magnetic and works great on induction, so you can keep all old inherited boilers.


When all the basic white goods are in place, what more could you possibly want?

– There is a wealth of fun household appliances for the interested, everything from coffee machines to citrus presses. Here you need to think about how much space you have and are willing to take off the work surface. For example, should the coffee machine be in front? Do I have room for both an assistant and a kettle? Are there hidden storage options if I do not want them in front of me? A good tip can be to stay in the kitchen for a while and feel for what additional needs you have.


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