— Customers and the press

What do people think about our kitchens?

Here are just a few of many newspaper articles and comments made by our customers.

"It spreads to the whole apartment"

Sofia and Nils were looking for a new kitchen for their apartment, watch their story here.

"I just love this kitchen! It turned out so perfect, not just as I imagined it but better."

"The kitchen is modular and made of solid wood. A kitchen with exactly the right details, reminiscent of the past. It is hand painted and has a wonderful smell of linseed oil. Despite it being new it feels as though it has been around a long time, as though it were made for this house."
- from Janniche Kristoffersen's blog Bloggaibagis.

See more of Janniche's pictures on her instagram.

"It met all our demands for sustainability and appearance."

"The new kitchen had to be in tune with the concept of sustainably here in the eco-village. And it has to fit in style-wise of course. When we read about Scandinavian Shaker kitchens in an interior design magazine, we felt it fit perfectly. ""It met all our demands for sustainability and appearance."
- Johanna and Mattias, Stockholm.

- Read the full article about the kitchen in the eco-village here.

"We are super-happy with the planning of the kitchen."

"We are quite used to shopping online so for us it never felt like it mattered that we had not seen the kitchen in reality before we ordered. [...] Adam at Scandinavian Shaker kitchens helped us to make some changes and today we are super-happy with the planning of the kitchen."
- Molly and Petter, Stockholm.

- Read the whole article about the kitchen on Swedenborgsgatan here.

"Aesthetic perfection with a solid undertone."

"Clean, simple and at the same time sophisticated and solid. Beautiful and classically trendy."

- Elle Decoration writes about the Shaker kitchen trend.

"The Shaker style really suits this building from the 20s'."

"The best thing about our kitchen is the light, the kitchen island in the middle, and that we have a sink at the window. It is lovely when you stand there doing the dishes! […] The kitchen is not huge but we can get about ten people around the kitchen island!"
- Liselotte and Johan, Gothenburg.

- Read the full article about the kitchen on Klintens väg here.

"Once again kitchen influenced by the Shaker movement's designs are back in vogue."

"The Shaker style is based on a philosophy of simplicity and function b and good craftsmanship. Perhaps it is a counter-reaction to the wear and tear era. You want something that feels genuine."

The magazine Gård & Torp on why the Shaker style is back.

"Workmanship and aesthetics."

"Traditional Shaker style with open shelving meets Scandinavian design tradition in this modular kitchen. Handmade doors of solid knot-free pine, hand-painted with linseed oil paint."

- Expressen's Leva & Bo supplement on different kitchen styles.

"Feels awesome to finally have some folks over for dinner again."

"This is our new kitchen. And yes, I love it."

- Instagram profile Pär Ottosson talks about his Shaker Kitchen.

"Timeless and simple kitchen design."

"The trend of building sustainably is constantly growing [...] at the same time we want a stylish design that will last a long time. That's why a Shaker kitchen is exactly the right choice."

- from Vårt Nya Hus, no 4/2018.

Why do we use linseed-oil paint?

Find the answer to this and other questions in our FAQ

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