Our Kitchens


We believe that the kitchen is the most important room in the home. This is where you land after a long day at work. It’s where you cook and socialize with family and friends. Here you spend many hours. Planning a kitchen requires care. Quality is the most important thing. We believe that solid wood and good design are a prerequisite for your kitchen to feel harmonious and last a long time. A well made kitchen meets these requirements.

Our kitchen styles

Green shaker kitchen from Scandinavian Shaker Kitchen
Creme colored 1920s old-fashioned Kitchen from Scandinavian Shaker Kitchen


The design of our kitchens is taken from two sources: partly from aesthetics that the Shakers created a couple of hundred years ago, partly from Scandinavian design tradition.

Light green Scandinavian Shaker Kitchen


The typical shaker hatch consists of five parts: Four parts for the frame and a “mirror” in the middle. The door is without profiling – the edges are completely straight. In the same way, the shaker carpenters have been building doors since the middle of the 19th century.

Our doors are built in solid ash, with a mirror of birch plywood. If you want glass in your doors in the wall cabinets, it is possible to get.

Creme colored 1920s old-fashioned Kitchen from Scandinavian Shaker Kitchen

THE 1920's DOOR​

The 1920s hatch, just like the shaker hatch, consists of five parts: four parts for the frame and a “mirror” in the middle. However, the 1920s hatch has profiled edges. The same beautiful concave shape as a ceiling molding (hollow molding).

Our doors are built in solid ash, with a mirror of birch plywood. If you want glass in your doors in the wall cabinets, it is possible to get.

Gray Shaker Door from Scandinavian Shaker Kitchen


Perhaps the most characteristic of a shaker kitchen is that doors and drawer fronts are recessed – they are in line with the frame. It is therefore a distance between the doors, which contributes to a tight and beautiful impression.
Our shaker kitchens, as well as the shaker style in general, lack frills. It has a stylish, simple and clean look.

Dark blue Scandinavian Shaker Kitchen shelf


Typical of shaker kitchens are open shelves, as a complement, or replacement, to tall wall cabinets. It gives a more airy impression. Another important detail in our kitchens is the hinges, which are of the classic Swedish model – stacked hinges in untreated steel with a cone-shaped knob – which are painted in the same color as the carpentry.


Our kitchens are painted by hand with a brush in the carpentry shop. We use linseed oil paint, manufactured by SELDER & CO.
The color scale for the shaker kitchens is taken from the shaker movement’s love of nature. Shaker adherents made their colors from different clays, which inspired today’s color palettes.
We have selected seven base colors that all fit well with the shaker aesthetic. You can also choose your own color of any NCS code at a small extra cost.
To see what a color will look like in your home, we recommend that you paint a surface in the room where the kitchen will stand. Get the desired shade, find your nearest dealer of Selder’s linseed oil paint: Selder / Retailers



Design in all its glory, but a kitchen must work. Good function is A and O. Therefore, our kitchens look like this:

White Scandinavian Shaker Kitchen Marta Vargas Drawer


Our drawers are mounted on rails from world-leading Blum. They can be pulled out the entire length of the drawer, and they are soft-closing.
You can get drawers inside the cabinet doors, so you can easily access everything in the cabinets. And in our corner cabinets there are pull-out shelves.
Our drawers are also available with cutlery inserts.

Scandinavian Shaker Kitchen painted with linseed oil paint

Linseed oil paint

Our linseed oil paint has a semi-gloss surface that is easy to keep clean.

Linseed oil paint is sensitive to alkaline substances. Therefore, cleaners with a pH above 7 should be avoided (for example, soap should be avoided). Acids are OK, but not alkaline / alkaline substances because they dissolve linseed oil.

The color is relatively glossy when it is freshly painted, and then fades during the first months.

Green shaker kitchen from Scandinavian Shaker Kitchen


We use solid ash in fronts and doors, and twig-free pine in the frames. It is an incomparably beautiful material that lasts for generations.
Solid wood is a good deal calculated over its lifespan, for both you and the environment.

Green Scandinavian Shaker Kitchen


Our kitchens are based on a modular system with great variety. If the modules are still not enough and special adaptations are needed, we will also fix it.


Our shaker kitchens are inspired by the shaker movement on several levels. On the one hand, the philosophy of honesty, function, and simplicity has inspired: These key words explain why we build our kitchens by hand and in solid wood, instead of using chipboard.
We want, like the shaker carpenters, that the furniture should have a high craftsmanship quality, in combination with good function.
Our kitchens are built on two smaller family-owned carpentries in Lithuania. The carpentry is carefully selected: partly for its craftsmanship, partly for its understanding of the details. Both are extremely important for a shaker kitchen to be really good.


We offer the transport of your kitchen. Deliveries outside Sweden will cost about 400 – 800 EURO. If you ordered wooden worktops, they are delivered together with the kitchen. 


All our kitchens are sold with a 5-year warranty. Read more about this here: Warranty and manufacturing info

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