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The design of our kitchens comes from two backgrounds: the aesthetics of the Shakers, created a few hundred years ago, and from traditional Scandinavian design.

Inset doors

Perhaps the most common characteristic of a Shaker kitchen is inset doors and drawers. The alignment with the frame means there is a space between the doors, which gives an overall impression of classic beauty.

Designed in true Shaker style, our Shaker kitchens are characteristically lacking in frills. Instead, they are low-key yet stylish.

Shaker door

The typical Shaker door consists of five parts: Four sections in the frame and a panel in the middle.

The edges are completely straight. This is how the Shakers have built their cabinet doors since the mid 1800's.

Our doors are built with solid, knot-free ash, with a panel of birch plywood.

Open shelving and staple hinges

Typical Shaker kitchens often have open shelving which gives a more airy impression. This style works well to complement or replace high wall cabinets.

Another important detail in our kitchens are the hinges, which are based on the classic Swedish design - staple hinges in untreated steel with a conical knob painted in the same colour as the woodwork.

The colours

Our kitchens are painted by hand in our carpentry shop. We use only linseed oil, manufactured by SELDER & CO.

We have selected six base colours, all stemming from the Shaker tradition. You can also choose your own colour from any NCS code for a small additional cost.

Our base colours are:

Functionality &

Design is important, but a kitchen has to work. Good functionality is paramount to our kitchens. As you can see, we design our kitchens for practical use:

Functional drawers

Our drawers are mounted on rails designed by the world-leading fittings company, Blum. You are able to pull out the entire length of the drawer, and they are soft-closing.

You also have the option to fit interior drawers inside the cabinet doors so you can easily access everything inside the cabinets. And our corner cabinets have extendable shelves.

Our drawers can also be ordered with cutlery trays.

Linseed Oil Paint

Our linseed oil paint has a semi-gloss finish, which is easy to keep clean.

Linseed oil paint is sensitive to alkaline substances; you should therefore avoid cleaning agents with a pH above 7. Acids are OK, but not alkaline substances as they dissolve the linseed oil.

When newly painted, the finish is relatively glossy but the surface becomes more matt during the first months of use.

Knot-free ash and pine

All our kitchens are made entirely of real wood. We never use particle board.

Drawer fronts and doors are made of solid ash. The frames are made of solid knot-free pine, as are the shelves which are mounted on carrier rails. The cabinets are painted on the outside and treated with linseed oil on the inside.

Modular system and bespoke kitchens

Our kitchens are based on a widely varied modular system. If you still can't find what you need or special customisations are required, we'll custom build for you - no problem.


When you buy a kitchen from Scandinavian Shaker Kitchen you can also buy worktops, knobs, handles etc.

We manufacture our own wooden worktops and when it comes to stone, we collaborate with House of Design.

For other accessories, we cooperate with quality brands such as Beslag Design, Franke, Decosteel and many others.

Manufacturing with high quality finish

Our kitchens are inspired by the Shaker movement in many ways.

We have been influenced by the philosophy of honesty, functionality and simplicity. These three keywords explain why we build our kitchens by hand and in solid wood, instead of using particle board.

Like the Shakers, we want our furniture to be characterised by top quality craftsmanship combined with good functionality.

Our kitchens are made at two small family-owned carpenter's shops in Lithuania. They have been carefully selected because of their woodworking expertise and for their attention to detail. Both are extremely important to meet the high standards of our Shaker kitchens.


We offer transportation of your kitchen. (Applies to all deliveries in Sweden for kitchens above 7,000 euro.)

If you order countertops, they will be delivered with the kitchen. Other accessories - appliances, mixer taps etc - will be delivered separately.


All our kitchens come with a full 5 year guarantee. Read more about this here.

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"Feels awesome to finally have some folks over for dinner again."

"This is our new kitchen. And yes, I love it."

- Instagram profile Pär Ottosson talks about his Shaker Kitchen.

What is a Shaker kitchen?

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