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How to order your dream kitchen?

Ordering kitchen furniture is often a long process. There are many things to consider and many details that need to be taken into account. Below we run through the various steps needed to order your kitchen, from idea to a ready installed kitchen. 


Dimensional sketch. Make a dimensional sketch of the room where your kitchen furniture should be fitted. (See below on how to do a dimensional sketch in the best way) 


Design. With your dimensional sketch as a base we can make a first drawing of your desired kitchen furniture and give you an estimated price. 


Verify. We organise a meeting in our showroom or at your home to walk through the details. We can then place the order.


The Carpenters do the job. Your kitchen is made in by our carpenters in Lithuania. It takes 6-8 weeks for the final product to be ready.  


Assembling. When delivered, the kitchen furniture should be assembled by your local handymen, by yourself or by craftsmen that we can recommend to you. We will be at your service via telephone or email during the whole process. 


The following 50-100 years: You watch your Shaker kitchen age with beauty and give it a little TLC when needed so that you can pass it on to future generations. 

How to do a dimensional sketch

Click here to get some tips.

The modules in scale 1:20

If you would like to play around with paper versions of our modules, please fill in your email address and we will send you a PDF of your design. 

Contractual things

Terms for ordering a Shaker kitchen from Skandinaviska Shakerkök. (To be filled in.)


How much is it?
Example 1

The price list of the kitchen furniture shown in the picture is 135 000 kronor incl Swedish VAT.
This price does not include counter top, white goods, tap, sink, assembling or transportation

Example 2

The list price for the kitchen furniture shown in the picture is 129 000 kronor inklusive moms.
This price does not include counter top, white goods, tap, sink, assembling or transportation.
Why so expensive?
Our kitchens are hand made and hand painted. It takes many man hours to live up to our standards. Our kitchens are not for everybody, but for the people who appreciate good craftsmanship and look upon the kitchen as a life time investment, they are priceless.
Why not more expensive?
To make and paint kitchen furniture in solid wood by hand could result in very high prices. Thanks to our modules we can make the furniture at a lower price. Everything is thoroughly considered, this saves time and money in the production.
Why modules instead of inplace built?
Skandinaviska Shakerkök is based on a module systeme. This gives us three advantages:

1. Varje modul är designad för att passa in i en helhet. Proportionerna är noga avvägda, för att ge ett harmoniskt intryck. Samtidigt är funktionen alltid prioriterad.

2. Ett modulsystem gör det enklare för dig som kund att designa ditt kök. Du kan sätta din personliga prägel på ditt kök, utan att behöva ställas inför tusentals val om detaljer.

3. Modulsystemet gör tillverkningsprocessen effektivare, och därför kan vi hålla nere kostnaderna. Detta trots att våra kök byggs för hand, av massivt trä.

Här kan du ladda ner en pdf med alla våra moduler i skala 1:20.
Possible to get the cabinets with individual measures?
Yes, if our range of modules is not enough, it´s always possible to have one tailor-made. However, the cost will be a little higher. In some cases it might be worth it.
Can a Shaker Kitchen make you happy?
Yes, we believe so. A beautiful kitchen where you can meet with your family and friends makes you happy. Many studies have shown a correlation between design and well-being. Colour and form can influence us a lot. The knowledge that your children will remember this kitchen when they grow older, might also make you feel happier.

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    One kitchen furniture stands out. 

    Tired of particle boards and kitchen furniture that isn't made to last? We will make your dream kitchen that your children will fondly remember in years to come - and inherit. Our Shaker kitchens are hand made with solid pine wood and are built to last generations. Read more.