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Design your kitchen!

Our 3D program is a simple planning tool that will quickly allow you to see the design and layout of your new kitchen.

Scroll down, create a user account, and get started!

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(NB! You need a desktop to use this tool - it is currently not available for tablets/smartphones.)

How does it work?

1. Draw your room by filling in the dimensions for length, width and height. Dimensions are given in millimeters.

2. Insert doors and windows. To adjust the size and location, click on the object and fill in the correct dimensions.

3. Put your cabinets in place. Click the "Catalog" icon, select the cabinet category, and then drag and drop each individual cabinet into place.

4. You can adjust the cabinet dimensions within certain limits. Please note that the price increases by 15% per module, if the standard size changes.

5. If a cabinet ends up against a corner or a gable end becomes visible, you need to add a side panel and/or a filler piece.

Changing the appearance

You can switch between different views and perspectives using these two buttons:

Calculating the price

Calculate your price by clicking the price calculator at the top of the page. The price is preliminary, and refers to frames, cabinets and drawers - countertops, appliances, sinks etc are not included in the price.

Saving your project

To save your project, in order to be able to continue working on it later, just click on the save icon

About appliances, countertops and sinks

The appliances, countertops, sinks etc. shown here, are just examples.

We have a variety in our range, but these are not available in the planning tool. Please check with us for more info.

Let others see your kitchen!

You can share your design with others by clicking this icon:

What do stone worktops cost?

Use priskalkylatorn at House of Design to get a price now!

How to order your kitchen

Can a new kitchen make you happy?

Find the answer to this and other questions in our FAQ

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