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Solid wood kitchens with inset doors

The kitchen is the heart of your home. It's where you wind down after a long day at work. Where you gather with family and friends to socialise, cook and eat together. It’s a space where you spend much of your time.

Planning a kitchen takes a lot of thought and quality is everything. We believe that real wood and good design are fundamental elements of having a harmonious kitchen space. A timeless Shaker kitchen meets these requirements and more.

"It spreads to the whole apartment"

Sofia and Nils were looking for a new kitchen for their apartment, watch their story here.

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Our concept

Timeless design

We are passionate about Scandinavian design. So, we have created a Scandinavian interpretation of the classic Shaker style with inset doors, visible hinges and open shelves.

Thanks to its simplicity and timeless design, Shaker kitchens work well in both contemporary and traditional homes


We believe in sustainability. The Shaker style has stood the test of time and has been refined over the centuries. By combining this classic design with natural materials, our kitchens are sustainably built and sustainable on your pocket.

A solid wood Shaker kitchen lasts much longer than one made of particle board and a long-lasting kitchen is a good investment.

Modern functionality

Our drawers run on modern dampers and are fully extendable. The sink and bench height is built to a modern standard (90 cm).

The cabinets can be customised with a range of smart storage solutions: pull-out drawers, carousel for corner cabinets, cutlery tray, etc.

Our key concept

Scandinavian Shakerkök is a modular system that feels as though it has been made custom made for your home. All proportions and details have been carefully weighed up. If the standard measurements don't match your dimensions, we will adapt our cabinets to ensure a perfect fit.


There is a colour palette and a series of selected brackets to choose from. We believe in having a well thought-out concept with a proven selection of classic choices: Whatever you choose, you will get that made-to-measure feeling.

Solid wood

We use knot-free pine in both frames and fronts. It's a remarkably stunning material that lasts for generations.

The longevity of solid wood makes it a good deal, for you and for the environment.

Built by hand

Our kitchens are hand built in a small carpenter's shop in Lithuania. We believe that human touch is crucial for joining wood and making it into beautiful furniture.

All of our kitchens are painted by hand with linseed oil.

We hand build our kitchens with pride and the result is a kitchen that will stand the test of time and you will never tire of looking at.

The Shaker philosophy

When the Shakers built their own furniture, their key concept was honesty, functionality and simplicity. Our kitchens are inspired by this philosophy.


We believe in simplicity and we think that functionality should come before aesthetics. A kitchen is primarily a workplace, where everything should run smoothly.

So, what does a kitchen cost? Here are two price examples:

Price example 1

A smaller kitchen with seven cabinets, incl. cabinets for integrated fridge/freezer and integrated fan. Hand-painted with linseed oil in the colour Dimgrå (NCS S-1502-G50Y). Worktops and splash cover in limestone.

8,000 Euro

Including VAT, and free shipping within Sweden.

Worktops and appliances are not included.
(Price for worktops: approx. 800 Euro.)

Price example 2

A five-metre long kitchen
in the colour Twilight Blue
(NCS S-6010-R90B).
Cabinets for integrated appliances.
Worktop in carrara marble.

12,790 Euro

Including VAT, and free shipping within Sweden.

Worktops and appliances are not included.
(Price for worktops: approx. 1,500 Euro.)

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