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Green shaker kitchen from Scandinavian Shaker Kitchen

Simple and classic

Doors and drawer fronts in our shaker kitchens are recessed – they are alive with the frame. It is therefore a distance between the doors, which contributes to a tight and beautiful impression.
Our shaker kitchens, as well as the shaker style in general, lack unnecessary gimmicks and frills. It is stylish and stripped down.

Creme colored 1920s old-fashioned Kitchen from Scandinavian Shaker Kitchen

A flirt with the past

We always build kitchens by hand from solid wood and hand paint with linseed oil paint. No chipboard or mdf anywhere. This also applies to our beautiful 20s kitchens. In addition to rounded profiles at the mirrors, the cabinet frames are slimmer and there are beautiful mirrors on the cover sides.


Introducing our newest addition: the modern contemporary kitchen, crafted entirely by hand in premium, massive wood. Designed with both functionality and style in mind, this kitchen seamlessly blends sleek, clean lines with the warmth and beauty of natural wood. Each piece is carefully crafted by our skilled artisans, ensuring that every detail is executed to perfection.

How much does it cost?

It is very easy to get a price quote for what your new kitchen would cost, everything is in our Kitchen Planner. It’s a simple and fun tool that helps you quickly get a picture of your new kitchen. At the same time as you see the price for the cabinets.

Use a computer to be able to work with the program.

Linseed oil paint

Our kitchens are painted by hand with a brush. We use linseed oil paint, manufactured by SELDER & CO.
The color scale for the shaker kitchens is taken from the shaker movement’s love of nature. Shaker adherents made their colors from different clays, which inspired today’s color palettes.
We have selected nine base colors that all fit well with the shaker aesthetic. You can also choose your own color of an official color code for a small extra cost.
To see what a color will look like in your home, we recommend that you paint a surface in the room where the kitchen will stand. Get the desired shade, find your nearest dealer of Selder’s linseed oil paint: Selder / Retailers

Do you want to read more about linseed oil paint? Check here: “Why doesn’t everyone paint with linseed oil paint?”


White Scandinavian Shaker Kitchen Marta Vargas
Timeless design

We are passionate about Scandinavian design. So, we have created a Scandinavian interpretation of the classic Shaker style with inset doors, visible hinges and open shelves. Thanks to its simplicity and timeless design, Shaker kitchens work well in both contemporary and traditional homes.

Dark gray Scandinavian Shaker Kitchen

We believe in sustainability. The Shaker style has stood the test of time and has been refined over the centuries. By combining this classic design with natural materials, our kitchens are sustainably built and sustainable on your pocket. A solid wood Shaker kitchen lasts much longer than one made of particle board and a long-lasting kitchen is a good investment.

White Scandinavian Shaker Kitchen Marta Vargas Drawer
Modern functionality

Our drawers run on modern dampers and are fully extendable. The sink and bench height is built to a modern standard (90 cm). The cabinets can be customised with a range of smart storage solutions: pull-out drawers, carousel for corner cabinets, cutlery tray, etc.

Dark blue Scandinavian Shaker Kitchen
Our key concept

Scandinavian Shakerkök is a modular system that looks exactly as it has been made custom made for your home. All proportions and details have been carefully weighed up. If the standard measurements don't match your dimensions, we will adapt our cabinets to ensure a perfect fit.

Solid wood

We use knot-free pine in both frames and fronts. It's a remarkably stunning material that lasts for generations. The longevity of solid wood makes it a good deal, for you and for the environment.

Light green Scandinavian Shaker Kitchen
Built by hand

Our kitchens are hand built in a small carpenter's shop in Lithuania. We believe that human touch is considerable for handle wood and making it into beautiful furniture. All of our kitchens are painted by hand with linseed oil paint. We hand build our kitchens with pride and the result is a kitchen that will stand the test of time and you will never tire of looking at it.


With the help of the drawing program, a first drawing is produced. You now get an approximate price for what your new kitchen will cost. (A normal-sized kitchen usually costs around EUR 15,000 – excluding worktops and appliances.)

Use a computer to be able to work with the program.


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